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The transition to digital has unlocked the power of data, exponentially. We transform data and information into immersive digital experiences that entice their audience.
Our data products turn static numbers into interactive sources of information which audiences can engage with and benefit from.


What are Digital Experiences? 

Digital experiences merge qualitative and quantitative information into a single, homogenous digital product that can help to extract and convey hidden messages and insights to a broad range of audiences. These digital products are client led, and they help the client to engage, capture and create value for their audience. This translates into higher engagement, customer or employee retention and an increase in customer value for many businesses.


The Visual Agency’s Digital Experiences expertise 

Working across a broad set of industries and clients, we design beautiful digital visualizations that are informative, engaging and responsive. Our Digital Experiences can transform information into interactive visualizations that offer insights and conclusions and at the same time mesmerize and capture the audience’s attention. 

Digital humanities is one of our core areas of specialization. We consider it an essential field for the creation of digital experiences and the digitalization of arts and culture. It makes studies and historical artefacts more accessible and creates new approaches to research.

Having won several awards for our decoding of Leonardo Da Vinci’s life and work, The Visual Agency has become renowned for its clever use of design, data visualization and modern technologies to preserve, explore and analyze the cultural heritage of the world. Our digital humanities scope ranges from unlocking archives through digital visualizations and textual mining of historical prose to exploration of large visual collections, highlighting evolution of thought, cultural norms and development.

Our approach entails

Together with you, we analyze the complete ecosystem in which the final project should be embedded. 

Through workshops, exercises, brainstorming sessions and other structured activities we define audience, content and purpose of your project.

Competitor analysis and benchmarking activities to build a market perspective.

We take into consideration your brand guidelines and creative framework.

Collaborating with you, we identify the target audience and tone of voice.

Storyboard creation and definition of narrative.

Concept design and wireframe.

User testing and audience journey.

Close collaboration with your technicians to guarantee a smooth rollout. 

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Client benefits

Collaboration with a team of experts.

Consultancy on final output.

Combination of aesthetics with functionality and user experience.

User Experience and User Interface design.

Data-visualization to support your narrative.

Information design experts to empower your users.

User-centered design to improve your customer journey.

State-of-the-art illustrations and motion-graphic video production.

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Discover Kiuu

Kiuu is a platform created for the automated production of animated (motion graphic) videos based on external databases and textual information.

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